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About Us

 Our dual mission:

To promote research and education of complimentary and alternative medical approaches to treatment in the fight against cancer as well as to create a a youth bereavement camp environment of support for grieving children who have been affected by a loved one stricken with cancer.

What we do:

IGNITE THE FIGHT, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.  We are dedicated to raising funds to enable research, education and application of alternative and complimentary treatments for cancer, as well as to carry on other charitable and educational activities associated with these goals.  It is also our goal to one day create Camp Lifting Light, which would be a bereavement youth camp for children who have lost a love one to cancer and for children who have a loved one dealing with cancer. The goal of these camps are to create a supportive, fun and uplifting atmosphere for the kids and to let them know that they are not alone in their experience. 

IGNITE THE FIGHT, Inc. raises funds through fundraising and donations from the general public, private companies and corporate sponsors in support of our mission.


IGNITE THE FIGHT, Inc. was founded in honor of the memory of Linda Zahler and Lamon Odom Jr... two wonderful people who shined in life and who will always be remembered. All honor to their names.


We happy to announce the addition of Meredith C. Murphy, Ph.D. as the newest member of our Camp Lifting Light formation Advisory team.

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