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ITF’s founder, Jennifer Myers, was heartbroken to learn her lifelong friend, Laymon, was diagnosed with brain cancer.Laymon was a husband, father of three, veteran, friend to many, son, brother, and walked through life sharing laughter and love to all who knew him. Jennifer was with Laymon, his wife, and his children throughout his 8-month journey with cancer.

During these days and nights sitting in the hospital with Laymon and his family, Jennifer witnessed first-hand the devasting physical changes and deterioration as well as the day-to-day carrying on with “normal” life challenges of searching for medical options and resources, childcare, financial assistance, emotional support and encouragement for all members of the family.

Witnessing the pain, heartbreaking moments, and lack of resources for Laymon and his family inspired Jennifer to create Ignite the Fight. This organization will walk beside patients and families in their fight against cancer so that no family will feel alone and hopeless in their cancer journey.

Founders & Leadership Jennifer Myers

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